Rules of the contest  


KAZI is a trademark of KAZI N.V./S.A. with registered offices at Ijsselsteinstraat 10, B-2200 Herentals and registered with the Register of Legal Entities of Turnhout under enterprise number 0632.870.362. These contest rules determine the general conditions for all contests which KAZI organises through its website, or in any other manner.

If in a contest specific conditions apply, then an additional specific set of contest rules will be established, the terms of which have precedence over those in these general rules of contest.

2. Conditions of participation

2.1. In principle every person that is at the time of contest at least 18 years of age, can participate in a KAZI contest, excepting employees of KAZI and their family members to the first degree.
Minors can only participate with the explicit permission of both parents or guardian(s). If a minor participates in a KAZI contest, KAZI implicitly assumes that such consent has been given by parents or guardian. The minor must submit proof of consent at the request of KAZI, if not further participation can be denied at KAZI’s discretion, or his or her right to a prize be denied.

2.2. Except for any potential communication expenses related to participation, the contestant is not liable for any compensation or contribution to KAZI for participating in a contest.

2.3. A maximum of one (1) member of a family or living at the same address of such family can win a prize in the context of the same contest.

2.4. Any winner or presumed winner of a contest that does not fully comply with each and every condition to participate, automatically loses his or her right to a prize, without any entitlement to claim damages or any other compensation.

3. Proceedings of the contest

3.1. In the event the contest relates to a knowledge question, the entrant is asked to provide the correct answer. In the event multiple entrants provide the correct answer, the winner among them will be determined by lottery or a tiebreaker question.

3.2. In the event the contest relates to a creative contribution by the entrant, including but not limited to a picture or painting, text or video, the winner or winners will be determined by KAZI according to the predetermined criteria of judging such contribution.

By participating into a contest with creative contribution, the entrant cedes to KAZI automatically and free of charge all intellectual rights to the material for the entire works and for the entire validity period of the rights, for usage in the context of the contest, without any further restriction and as broadly as legally permitted. With regard to any potential other right holders, the entrant ensures that they transfer their rights relating to the material to KAZI in the same way. The transfer entails the right to reproduce, distribute and/or adapt the material (or have this performed) based on all means and processes and on all carriers. Each entrant confirms to have the prior approval from all persons depicted in the material to send this in and or upload it for the contest and to publish it in every media (print, websites, apps, TV, radio, etc.) operated by KAZI, its affiliated companies and/or third parties, and indemnifies KAZI against any potential claim related to the creative contribution. KAZI in no manner is obligated to effectively publish or use such creative contribution and can at each time and for whatever reason remove the material.

4. Prizes

4.1. The prize can in no manner whatsoever be exchanged or monetised.

4.2. KAZI can eat each time for productional or content-related reasons, change a prize.

4.3. The prize is limited to the prize stricto sensu as described in the specific contest rules or in any other manner. In no way is KAZI or any third party deemed to offer or grant additional services or products in combination with the prize.

4.4. If the prize involves the right to enter in a specific activity (such as an event, a guided tour…), then the prize is limited to such entry right, unless otherwise stated. It is the organisor of the activity that determines every condition, including but not limited to asking the entrant/winner to be present at a certain time in a certain location, or to limit the right to enter in time. If the organisor annuls the activity for whatever reason, the winner has no claim to an alternative prize or a compensation in terms of money.

4.5. If the prize concerns a gift certificate, the validity of such certificate can be limited in time. It is the issuer of the certificate that determines every condition, including but not limited to limiting the right to exchange or trade in the certificate in time. If the winner, for whatever reason, cannot trade in the certificate before the period of validity has ended, he or she has no claim to any compensation from KAZI and/or the issuer of the gift certificate.

4.6. If the prize concerns objects for which a guarantee arrangement applies, then the right to invoke such guarantee must be exercised directly with the manufacturer, importer or seller of such object.

4.7. If the prize concerns a travel arrangement, the entrant must be at least 18 years of age (or be accompanied by such person) and be in the possession of valid travel documents. Travel insurance and personal expenses are not paid by KAZI, unless otherwise stated. It is the organisor of the travel arrangement that determines every condition, including but not limited to asking the entrant/winner to be present at a certain time in a certain location, or to limited the period in which the travel can take place in time. If the organisor annuls the travel arrangement for whatever reason, the winner has no claim to an alternative prize or a compensation in terms of money.

5. Liability of KAZI

5.1. KAZI is not liable for any possible damage, physical harm or accident that may occur as a consequence of winning a prize and/or entering into a contest.

5.2. KAZI is not liable for non-delivery of a prize when an entrant/winner has provided insufficient, incomplete or faulty contact information at the time of entering.

5.3 KAZI is not liable for any possible non-delivery of a prize through postal or courrier services (including but not limited to delays, damages, strike, loss, impossibility to hand over, trade in, or collect). When delivering a prize wherefor urgency is relevant (such as the right to enter an event), the entrant/winner can be asked to be available to collect at a certain time. In the event such delivery would not succeed, or the winner does not collect the prize within the foreseen period or does not comply with the applicable formalities in the foreseen period, KAZI can designate another contestant as winner, without any prejudice.

5.4. Printing, spelling or any other mistakes as well as technical problems including but not limited to email communication cannot form ground of any liability or obligation on the part of KAZI.

5.5. If KAZI is obligated to postpone, end or revoke a contest, to change the contest rules or adapt the contest proceedings, KAZI in no way is liable to offer any compensation whatsoever.

5.6. If the proceedings of the contest are disrupted as a result of a technical incident, KAZI will endeavour to mitigate or neutralise these disturbances. KAZI in no way is liable to offer any compensation whatsoever for any deemed harm or disadvantage, arising from such incident or distrubance. The decision of KAZI and the result of the contest are irrecovable and binding. 

5.7. KAZI is not liable for any incident arising from the acceptance of the prize by the winner. KAZI in no way is responsible or liable for any deficiency in the prize nor in the event the prize would not satisfy the expectations created.

5.8. The exclusion or limitation of liability of KAZI in this article does not do away with the fact that KAZI is liable for its purposeful actions or gross negligence by its employees or associates or for non-complying with its obligations under these rules.

6. Personal information

6.1. The personal information of the entrant is included in a database by KAZI. The Belgian Data Protection Law of 8 December 1992 applies to entrants’ personal information. Entrants are entitled to access, correct and object to these details at any time. KAZI’s policy with respect to such personal information can be found in the “privacy” link on KAZI’s website:

6.2. Entrants agree through participating that in the event they win a prize, they may appear with photo, name and the city where they live on a website or any other online channel (such as YouTube, Facebook…), as well as the website and online channels of potential co-organisors, as well as in the written press, or in a video- or televised report of the contest. 

7. Supervision of the contest

7.1. KAZI supervises the correct proceedings of the contest. In the event not all of the conditions of the rules of the contest are complied with or in the event of abuse, deceit, fraud or bad faith, KAZI reserves the right to exclude the relevant entrant from the contest as well as – definitively or not – from any other KAZI contest.

KAZI reserves in these cases the right to demand the entrant/winner to return a prize already received or demand compensation for damages, including reputational damages.

7.2. The result of a contest is binding and irrevocable and cannot be questioned in whatever manner. The result and proceedings of a contest are not subject to correspondence (by letter, email or telephone) with KAZI or the organisor of the contest. Decisions to identify the winner are definitive.

8. Co-organisors

In the event a contest is organised with one or more parties, the terms and conditions of these contest rules that involve KAZI are to be read as referring to both KAZI as the co-organisor(s).

9. The rules

9.1. By participating in a KAZI contest, the entrant fully accepts these contest rules and all decisions that KAZI takes related to the contest. Any additional statements related to the contest count as rule.

9.2. If required, KAZI can modify the contest rules. The contest rules are publicised on KAZI’s website and can be printed there.

KAZI Terms of use

The website belongs to and is managed by KAZI, with registered offices at Ijselsteinstraat 10, 2200 Herentals and registered with the Register of Legal Entities of Turnhout under enterprise number 0632.870.362. These terms of use contain information with respect to the conditions to enter and use the website, and apply to any and all usage thereof.

1. Purpose of the website

The website can be used to create a KAZI-profile. These profiles can be shared with potential employers (organisations) and their associates, in particular recruitment and selection specialists. When a match between user (applicant) and potential employer is found, the user can be asked to share his or her personal information with the potential employer. It is at the user’s discretion whether to accept this invitation.

2. Application of the terms of use

The use of the website presupposes that the website has read and accepted these terms of use. When creating a KAZI-profile, the user will explicitly be asked to read and accept these terms of use.

3. Liability of KAZI

3.1 KAZI has taken every reasonable care and diligence with respect to the website content. Notwithstanding, KAZI cannot guarantee that the information on the website is correct nor complete. The content can at all times be modified, added to or removed by KAZI.

3.2 Except in the event of fraud, purposeful actions or gross negligence, KAZI is not liable for any possible direct or indirect damage as a result of using the website.

3.3 The website can contain hyperlinks to other websites. KAZI in no way whatsoever is liable for the content of third-party websites nor for any possible direct or indirect damage as a result of using these websites. KAZI cannot guarantee that the hyperlinks will function properly at all times.

3.4 KAZI is not liable for any direct or indirect damage as a result of the use of KAZI-profiles.

4. Intellectual rights

KAZI is and remains at all times the sole and exclusive owner of any and all intellectual rights related to the website and the services offered thereon.

It is strictly forbidden to partially or fully copy, adapt, or use, in any form or manner, the website, including but not limited to text, layout, logos, trademarks, graphical elements, images, software, services, databases without the express prior consent of KAZI.

5. Personal information

5.1. KAZI processes the personal information of the users of the website to create a KAZI-profile. This information will be shared with the CRM-managers of KAZI.

The user has the right at all times to protest against the planned processing of his or her personal information, by means of a simple request and without cost, in particular when the personal information is to be used in direct marketing, as well as the right to access and correct his or her personal information, except if such correction, taking into account the specific circumstances in which the personal information was obtained, is not necessary to safeguard towards the user a fair processing of his or her information.

5.2 The person responsible for processing the personal information of the users of the webiste is Lenny Benaicha, KAZI-CRM manager.

6. General conditions

The final version of these terms of use dates from May 20, 2016. KAZI reserves the right to modify these terms of use at all times. 

These terms of use are governed by, and will exclusively be interpreted and applied in accordance with the Belgian law. Any dispute will be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Antwerpen. For more information or remarks related to the terms of use, please contact KAZI at


Privacy policy

This website is managed by KAZI NV with registered offices at IJselsteinstraat 10, 2200 Herentals. Any questions or remarks related to the website and in connection with this statement are to be directed to the forementioned address or to

1. Policy with respect to the protection of the personal information

KAZI believes the protection of personal information is very important. This statement aims to inform you with respect to KAZI’s policy concerning the processing of personal information you provide KAZI with by means of the website.

When you visit the website with the sole purpose of retrieving information on KAZI, its products and services, or subjects or items that feature on this website, no personal information will be processed. Only when you want to receive specific services or products, want to enter into contests or use certain services on the website (such as filling in a registration form) or apply for services for which registration is required (such as receving a newsletter, creating a KAZI-profile, participating in an event), you may be asked to provide specific personal information, including but not limited to first name, surname, nickname, email address, gender, street address, postal code, date of birth, profession, telephone number, picture.

Each time you provide personal information, KAZI will treat these in accordance with this privacy policy and the relevant legal obligations. You guarantee that the information you provide to KAZI belong to you, or that you have permitted others to use the information and share it with KAZI. KAZI can deny you access to its website or parts thereof, temporarily or definitively, if you use false information or information of third persons without their permission.

2. Processing personal information

KAZI does not collect or process sensitive information for which your explicit written approval is required. KAZI will in principle only process the personal information you provide for the purposes stated in this Privacy Policy (article 3.).

In the event KAZI wishes to use your personal information for other purposes or transfer this information to organisations with which KAZI collaborates, KAZI will ask your express permission and you will be able to protest such actions. The personal information that KAZI collects, will be stored in a database that is kept in a secure environment.

Only dedicated employees or associates of KAZI, or specific persons or entities with which KAZI has entered into an agreement, have access to your anonymised information. Their access is limited to the extent in which they need such access to perform their function or assignment.

3. Purpose of the processing

KAZI processes the personal information to be able to contact you, offer you products or services you have requested or registered for, to inform you on its own offering of products and services (such as the dates on which KAZI events take place), to personalise its own offerings of products and services and for direct marketing purposes of third parties.

The use of personal information for direct marketing purposes of third parties is subject to your explicit permission, which you can offer or refuse to do so in full discretion.

In the event KAZI sollicits services of third parties for the purpose of creating market insights, KAZI will in writing agree with these parties the extent to which these parties are entitled to use, access, secure, and protect personal information these parties may receive from KAZI.

Transfer of personal information to thrid parties will occur in an encrypted manner that does not allow third parties to identify you. At each time you can, by means of the website, deny or revoke your permission to use your personal information to create market insights by third parties.

You can inform KAZI that you no longer wish to receive information with respect to its own products and services offering by means of the unregister link at the end of each electronic communication, or through your personal profile page.

Some services are offered in collaboration with another organisation and carry both trademarks (such as organising a common event or contest or providing shared content). When you reigster or make use of such services through the KAZI website, KAZI can transfer your personal information that was collected in the context of this shared service offering to such other organisation that will, in the event it processes your personal information, inform yo of the purposes she intends to use the information for. At each time you can access and have corrected or have removed potentially inaccurate or incomplete information.

To make use of these rights, please send an email with a copy of your ID-card attached to or a letter with such attachment to the forementioned postal address of KAZI directed to CRM.

At all times you can modify your profile and the corresponding information at by means of an e-mail address and password-protected login to your profile page.

An e-mail with a specific question to remove personal information directed to will allow to remove your profile and corresponding information. By removing your profile, you erase immediately all corresponding data. Thereafter, you can no longer log in with your e-mail address and password. In the event you change your mind and again want to create a new profile, you will be able to do so with the same or any other e-mail address.

4. Use of cookies

During your visit to the site, so-called cookies can be used. These are small pieces of information that are stored on the hard disk of your computer. During a next visit to the site, these cookies will facilitate surfing because you will not be required to log on or share your preferences or use your password. The information collected by means of cookies can be used to create a personal profile that allows to better finetune the information offered to your wishes and preferences. KAZI for example uses Google Analytics cookies to collect information with respect to how visitors use the site, and to optimise the site in function of the needs of users.

Your profile can be supplemented by KAZI – in a manner that does not allow to identify you – with personal information that you shared with other organisations for the purpose of market research and with which KAZI has entered into an agreement.

You can configure your browser in such manner that you will receive notice each time a cookie is created or refused. Additionally you can can remove cookies from your hard disk at any time. Google provides additional detail related to privacy and cookies on its Google privacy page and a browser plug-in with which you can unsubscribe from Google Analytics for all websites. KAZI and research partners of KAZI can place cookies on websites for research or statistical purposes to collect user information on a fully anonymised basis.

5. Update of this privacy policy

KAZI will update this privacy policy based on changes in services, user feedback or changes in privacy legislation.