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Four out of ten young professionals are looking for another job within their first year of working. The reason? Wrong expectations from the start, and a culture mismatch, says SD Worx.

"And then I see many people with whom I know after one minute this will lead to nothing."

Yves Peeters - HR Director GLACIO IJSBOERKE


How does KAZI work?

We select highly-educated talent not only based on their traditional resume. KAZI helps starters and employers to better profile themselves based on academically validated questionnaires (while ensuring privacy!).

This HR-instrument was developed in collaboration with Thomas More and HR-experts. On the one hand personal drivers and expectations in young workers were charted. On the other hand the culture and team role behind an employment vacancy were identified. In doing so, the expectations of both employer and employee can be maximally aligned as early as possible in the R&S process and mismatches avoided. KAZI brings the right starters directly into contact with the right organisations.

What can KAZI do for you?

KAZI helps your company to – fast and efficiently – find young talent. Academically validated questionnaires allow to better identify talent looking for a job and their potential employer(s). A preselection based on value patterns and team role allow us to avoid mismatches and better aligns expectations on both sides. We bring the right starter directly into contact with its matching employer.


The values and culture of an organisation are decisive factors for young talent to be happy in their first job. Traditional recruiting and selection does not take these factors fully into account. KAZI wants to change that.

What is KAZI?

KAZI is a digital preselection tool that facilitates and enhances the selection and recruitment of applicants, without loss of quality – on the contrary.

For whom is KAZI meant?

KAZI helps companies identify the young talent that fits with the culture and role behind the job opening. In this test phase we focus on highly-educated young potentials from Thomas More. KAZI matches them with a job that truly fits them – and not their resume.

Is KAZI new?

Yes, KAZI is brand new and unique. The continuous feedback from the KAZI-community (nearly-graduates, Thomas More and HR-experts) has allowed us to grow from concept to almost ready to go to market. An extensive test with more than 300 students and 50 employers has brought us to the final step to finetune the underlying KAZI-algorithm. Then we will open up KAZI to all organisations and every highly-educated young potential in Flanders.

* This test is part of a research- and development project of the Vlaams Agentschap Innovatie & Ondernemen (VLAIO) for the perfect digital preselection tool for the labour market, a project in which KAZI and her research partner Thomas More are collaborating on for awhile now.