KAZI at work

Since early last year some 500 students of Thomas More have contributed and tested KAZI, as well as recruitment & selection specialists of more than 50 organisations. This is what they say...

HR professionals about Kazi: 

Jeroen Franssen - Expert Talent & Labour Market - AGORIA

“Kazi matches the DNA of young graduates with the employer brand of the company. This combination lays a solid foundation for a cooperation insufficiently addressed to date ”


Hans De Clercq - Co-founder & CTO - BYTEFLIES

We are convinced that Kazi’s unique approach will help us to build and grow our killer team!”


Kevin Heylen - Owner - THINK TOMORROW

“By focussing on the human aspect Kazi makes sure that young talent finds its way to the right work environment”


Yves Peeters - HR Director - GLACIO IJSBOERKE

“The recruitment& selection process has to become more efficient. I am convinced Kazi offers the right solution to this issue”

Paul Peeters - Lead Expert Factories of the Future - AGORIA 

“Kazi is a digital HR-instrument dat complies with the requirements of the labor market of the future”


Evelien Van Den Daele - Manager Nursing at Home - DE VOORZORG

"Kazi fills a void. Their unique way of screening and is a major breakthrough for the recruitment world.”

They already tried it

Jo Vissers – senior year Electromechanics-Maintenance Technology

"I would never have find this job opening that is right for me myself. Kazi lowers the threshold to effectively go out to a job interview because we were matched already beforehand."

Koen Joos -senior year Electronics-IT

"Through the traditional channels I would never have applied for this opening with dynamic tech start-up Byteflies. And it fits perfectly!”

Kim Van Gorp - senior year Nursing

“I am really pleased. My Kazi-profile is really me. I had seen this job posting earlier but without Kazi I would never have gotten into contact with this employer.”

Loïc Roose - senior year Applied Psychology

“I find Kazi an extremely useful tool, it brings the assessment in the process to the front of the selection procedure and selects out those applicants and candidates that really match with one another. I didn’t know the two companies Kazi selected for me, and I would never have applied. With one of them I now already had an interview: the company culture truly matched my way of thinking. Exceptionally good match!”

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