KAZI - Trust is the Holy Grail

Companies with loyal customers tend to exceed financial analysts' expectations twice as likely as those who have earned less trust. A loyal workforce suffers less than half the turnover compared with their competitors'. Company profit as well correlates with trustworthiness of the organisation. To be sure, all of this sounds attractive, but how can you reach this level of trust?

One of the basic needs of mankind is the need for security. Unfortunately, there are no certainties in life and people have come to trust one another to build safe harbours. You need not worry about such things as "If I create a profile with KAZI, can I be sure that it will end up in the right hands?" Trust leaves more energy to care for other stuff, and who would not want to end up with more energy? 

But what constitutes trust? KAZI distinguishes at least three characteristics, to be interpreted in a specific way by the various stakeholders of a company. 

First, people are looking for a certain level of competence and consistency, indirectly hoping to gain insight of their own into such competence. Repeatedly responding in an appropriate manner to unforeseen circumstances breeds trust in people, in contrast with haphazard gut reactions. 

Secondly, and related to the first characteristic, stakeholders go through a learning process informed by previous experience with an organisation. Consciously or unconsciously, they incorporate the lessons learnt in their interaction with the company. Being sensitive to questions, taking feedback to heart... reflect the level of trustworthiness that a company wants to project. 

Last but arguably the most challenging characteristic of corporate trust is shared values. People, customers, employees, want to see their personal and/or universal values being underwritten by companies. But values are a delicate matter and, understandably, many companies steer clear of the subject. Resolutely communicating values and acting upon them may offend some, but there are no better means to effectively forge customer or employee loyalty.

Trust in and around a company offers nothing but benefits. KAZI wants to lay the foundation for such trust already in the early stage of preselecting potential employees, as a solid basis to build on. Give us your trust, we will help you find a match!