KAZI – Precision pre-selection

KAZI allows Recruitment & Selection professionals to identify the fit between organisation and candidate much earlier (and cheaper) in the process.
Information technology has turned recruitment – engaging with job applicants – and selection – the resource-intensive screening out of unsuitable candidates – an increasingly data-driven process.

Bigger data no longer limits the available characteristics to “hard” conditions such as educational degrees. Resumes are too over- (or under)dited, failing to paint a representative picture of the person behind the bullet points. Much “softer” data relating to for example the capacity to closely work together across disciplines, or the ability to cope with stressful situations are gaining prominence.


KAZI allows Recruitment & Selection professionals to identify the fit between organisation and candidate much earlier (and cheaper) in the process. Why wait for the interview? KAZI is a predictive pre-selection tool that matches applicant and potential employer on hard and soft data already in the recruitment phase.

Crucially, job applicants and highly-educated young graduates in particular can see the advantage of sharing such information upfront with potential employers: they too feel very strongly about “what is in it for them”, not only when the paycheck arrives but even more so how they will fit in the organisation’s culture, what their role could be in a team, how their employer could help them develop as an individual, and how they could derive meaning and purpose from the company’s mission and vision.

From the organisation’s point of view, the overriding issue is how to lower the frequency of having to rehire, a prohibitively expensive process, both for the employer as well as for the disengaged employee. 40% of new hires is already on the look-out for a new job during their first year with you, according to SD Worx. To make R&S much more powerful and effective, organisations need to articulate their expectations with respect to, say, team role or work ethics or what it means to be successful as an organisation and an individual as clearly as possible. It will enlarge the probability of a successful match, and in so doing, encourage employee engagement from day one.

KAZI aims to be the digital match-maker in the niche labour market of highly-educated young graduates. Being a predictive pre-selection precision instrument, at the same time, KAZI helps organisations present themselves much more distinctively to potential applicants. The resources these organisations save in the KAZI-mediated R&S process – posting vacancies, employer branding, third-party selection interviews – can be deployed much more effectively elsewhere: the insights gained from using KAZI will help adapting performance appraisals to the new workplace reality; KAZI will add value in talent development and career management; or it will provide a 360° scan of the local labour market.