Make your first job into a dream job!

Find the ideal match between you and your future employer.

Four out of ten young workers are looking for another job within their first year of working. The reason? Wrong expectations from the start, and a culture mismatch. With KAZI these mismatches can perfectly be avoided.



"I would never have find this job opening that is right for me myself. KAZI lowers the threshold to effectively go out to a job interview because we were matched already beforehand."

Jo Vissers – senior year Electromechanics-Maintenance Technology

What can KAZI do for you?

KAZI helps you find a job that matches you perfectly. This brand new tool will make you discover your qualities and your favourite team role. It will allow you to target your future job and employer much more effectively.

How does KAZI work?

Easy! You answer some questionnaires, indicating what you find important in a job. That way you build up your own profile. Then KAZI will offer you a selection of employment vacancies that match your profile. You can apply directly, and increase your chance of landing a top job!

Get to know yourself better...

  • You discover your own qualities.
  • You learn what you expect from a job and an employer.
  • You are offered a selection of matching vacancies.
  • You can apply for your ideal job directly.

...and feel good in your first job.

  • You feel more engaged with the employer you work for.
  • You are happier in your new job.
  • You can achieve more in an organisation that fits you perfectly.

Senior year student?

  • Are you looking for a job or wanting to know yourself beter?
  • Are you a senior year student looking for self-knowledge that will lead to a positive first work experience?
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They already tried it


Koen Joos - senior year Electronics-IT

"Through the traditional channels I would never have applied for this opening with dynamic tech start-up Byteflies. And it fits perfectly!”

Kim Van Gorp - senior year Nursing

“I am really pleased. My KAZI-profile is really me. I had seen this job posting earlier but without KAZI I would never have gotten into contact with this employer.”

Loïc Roose - senior year Applied Psychology

“I find KAZI an extremely useful tool, it brings the assessment in the process to the front of the selection procedure and selects out those applicants and candidates that really match with one another. I didn’t know the two companies KAZI selected for me, and I would never have applied. With one of them I now already had an interview: the company culture truly matched my way of thinking. Exceptionally good match!”