Is Kazi unique?

Yes, Kazi is brand new and unique. The continuous feedback from the Kazi-community (nearly) graduates, Thomas More and HR-experts) has allowed us to grow from concept to almost ready to go to market. An extensive test with more than 300 students and 50 employers has brought us to the final step to finetune the underlying Kazi-algorithm before opening up to all organisations and every highly-educated young potential in Flanders.

Now we work together on the continuous improvement of our tool and the Kazi-algoritm. You can find testimonials here. Feel free to join our community! 

* This test was part of a research- and development project of the Vlaams Agentschap Innovatie & Ondernemen (VLAIO) for the perfect digital preselection tool for the labour market, a project in which Kazi and her research partner Thomas More are collaborating on for quite some time.

How does KAZI work? 

With an academic test we help young talent and their future employer(s) to get a better self-awareness when looking for a job or a candidate. Who are you (looking for)?

By preselecting candidates based on their personal values and teamrole(s) we prevent a mismatch from happening and finetune maximaly the expectations of (nearly) graduates and employers. Finally we bring the right starters imedeatly in contact with the right organisations.