What is Kazi?

Kazi is a Flanders-based HR tech company with market activities at home in Belgium
and abroad. Our name is derived from the Swahili language and means “job” or
“mission”. Alas, this is not always the case everywhere (“jobs”) because in practice,
many job starters don’t have neither a job nor a mission. In fact, 1 out of every 2 job
starters are looking for another job within the first year of employment! Kazi helps labor market leaders and organizations avoid mismatches by helping them attract and retain the right student talent by making mutual job expectations and potential matches measurable in advance of employment.

3 defining characteristics that make Kazi unique in the world

Thanks to continuous feedback from the Kazi community (i.e., near-starters, Thomas
More University and HR experts), we have grown from concept to market-ready in just
two years. Through an extensive validation test* engaging more than 300 students and 50 employers, we have put together a proprietary Kazi algorithm at the core of our HR tool.

Following this initial test phase, we opened Kazi to all organizations and all highly-
educated Flemish job starters. The response has been overwhelming in terms of both interest and traction.

Today, we are now working together on the continuous refinement of our tool and the
Kazi algorithm. Constantly evaluating, constantly improving.

1. Our Kazi profiling technology

Our recruiter questionnaire comprises 29 questions. No more than this number, we’ve
found, should be answered by an employer to know whether or not their offer matches the expectations of sought-after talent. Job seeking students, in turn, answer 61 of our survey questions. Typical resumes and job vacancies rarely reveal these mutual expectations so Kazi developed this two-sided questionnaire in collaboration with research partner, Thomas More University, Mechelen-Vlaanderen. Our survey was validated in 2016 with support from IWT-VLAIO (the Agency for Innovation by Science and Technology and the agency for Innovation for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, respectively). The Kazi application platform identifies 6 work values and 8 team roles behind each workplace and student talent.

2. Our Kazi integration strategy

With the help of our technology partner, Microsoft, we integrate our technology via API into leading job sites such as Student.be... In the same way, we help talent find suitable workplaces and the associated training within activation, pilot and matching projects at home and abroad. For this, we are already working together with Syntra Flanders (the Flanders Agency for Entrepreneurial Training) in IdealDuaal, and with others within the Flemish VDAB (the public employment service of Flanders) and UWV (the Dutch employee insurance agency) in the "Skills Navigator" Interregproject.

"Kazi is a signal from the future. Technology such as theirs enables personal processes
that were previously unorganizable and attainable “ - Bruno Tindemans, CEO Syntra

3. Our partnerships with educational partners

Thomas More Hogeschool:

All TMH university student participants of the largest STEM job fair in Flanders (Campus De Naeyer) will be able to discover their professional DNA in advance of their next academic year, and receive a personal overview of all job vacancies—and unknown job vacancies—that closely match their job expectations thanks to Kazi!

Contact: Martine Taeymans, martine.Taeymans@thomasmore.be

Karel de Grote-Hogeschool:

The Career Center at KdG is currently evaluating a collaboration with Kazi. After all, the mismatch in expectations not only occurs in STEM jobs and profiles, but also in economic, commercial, project management and HR job functions on the one hand; and in the expectations of young professionals graduating in our Business Studies &
Business Administration programs on the other.

Contact: Leen Christiaens, Leen.Christiaens@kdg.be

This is how Kazi works for highly educated and newly graduated talent